Aug 22, 2015

But if we're strong enough To let it in We strong enough To let it go


I've been hittin' the replay button for like thousand times. CUZ THIS ONE'S SO FRIGGIN GOOD Y'KNO. ha sorry, but seriously take some time to listen to this. or maybe if you've watched the official music video version, you should listen to this one. cause this version is way much better.
no kidding.


May 2, 2015

Wouldn't it be really awkward to meet the person that you always wrote about all over your diary book when you were kid?

Well, I saw this familiar baby-blue book with the Winnie The Pooh stickers on the cover along with my dad's cassette collections. And I was like.... Um, gotta go burn this book. Haha nay, I just took it to my room and braced myself to open it. And I didn't know what really happened for the next 3 minutes. I mean, I can't really read since it's way too embarrassing. So this unidentified feeling I guess is a combination of shame and funny and speechless as well.

But, this book is indeed a time machine. It dragged me to the time when I was just an innocent kid in primary school who liked this one popular boy. I still have no idea why this boy became such a chic magnet at that time. Ha!

But it's ok I'm over him now (of course!!!).  I don't even know why I'm writing this. K bye. 


Mar 16, 2015

It already scares me just by hearing the name.

it's final project.

so scary I couldn't write about it.

Nah just kidding.


been reading Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. and um, I love it. just love it, even I haven't reach half of the book but already love it. And it's too bad that I need to postpone the not-final-project-material reading thing since there're just a lot of things that I need to read about my final project.              so, kinda miss those good old days when I could read my book with nothing to worry about.