Jul 21, 2012

Too high.

hello again!
Like what I've said before, I've past the most stressing weeks in my last semester. They drove me crazy since the deadline kept haunting me, whether I was awake or asleep.
Until the final exam weeks came and I could start breathing normally. Well, not like another faculty, the final exam in DKV is the time for us to take a nap, have a normal bedtime, watch tv, and do other activities we can't do at schooldays.
And then the final exam weeks came, and I thought it went well. I hoped the scores would be great too. If this were a game, final exam would be the only life I got and the only chance I had.
And now the scores show up and........not as good as my 1st semester. I didn't expect something like this, and I was quite disappointed. My mom wasn't angry, she said that it's ok, what's matter is that I should evaluate myself for all of these. And even she wasn't angry and I still see a smile from her face, I knew she felt a little disappointment in herself. This made me sad, I'm so sorry :(
But my friends said I should thank God cause I still got a good score, although it's not as good as my 1st semester. I promise to myself I'm gonna pay back in my next semester. And thank God for everything {}

xox, candya
Halo. Hi.
As can you see my last post was on May. and it's July already. Oh......where have I been?
Many things happened in recent months. So I had past a super busy stressing week, final exam weeks, holiday, and also my birthday.
I'm gonna post how my exam was, how my holiday was, and how all of those things were on the next post.

xox, candya