Feb 15, 2012

Err, what time is it?

The only reason why I still awake at this time is beacuse I get used to sleep after midnight almost everyday. You know, bad time management so I always catch up on those assignments thingy at afternoon or night. So, I used to be awake at this time at schoolday, and although it is holiday and I have nothing to do at this time I still can hardly sleep, huf. I know this bad habit is not really cool, my mom told me to change it for thousands time, well I'll try.
But anyway, I often get some random thoughts to share around this time. When everybody's sleeping, when the light is off, when the only sound I hear is the music which I played on my iTunes, or that noisy yet lovely sound of crickets (if I'm at home). And yes I do love being awake around this time actually.

Okay, it is 00:00 and goodnight.

xox, candya

Up and up

The sky is blueDreamed that lie til it's trueThen taking back the punch I threwMy arms turn wingsOh those clumsy thingsSend me up to that wonderful worldAnd then I'm up with the birds
Up with the birds - Coldplay
xox, candya

Feb 7, 2012

I tried to do handstands for you

Chairlift - Bruises (Continued with Earwig Town) (Live)

Am currently listening to this song (Bruises by Chairlift) while doing this unfinished color theory assignment. Btw it's final exam weeks but I'm so glad that it'll be over by tomorrow, and holiday is waiting for meeeeh wooohooo! Can't wait.
Happy (early) holiday!