Feb 15, 2012

Err, what time is it?

The only reason why I still awake at this time is beacuse I get used to sleep after midnight almost everyday. You know, bad time management so I always catch up on those assignments thingy at afternoon or night. So, I used to be awake at this time at schoolday, and although it is holiday and I have nothing to do at this time I still can hardly sleep, huf. I know this bad habit is not really cool, my mom told me to change it for thousands time, well I'll try.
But anyway, I often get some random thoughts to share around this time. When everybody's sleeping, when the light is off, when the only sound I hear is the music which I played on my iTunes, or that noisy yet lovely sound of crickets (if I'm at home). And yes I do love being awake around this time actually.

Okay, it is 00:00 and goodnight.

xox, candya

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